Learn Kiswahili (Swahili) Online

The interactive way to learn Swahili from wherever you are.

Video explanations

Each person learns in a different way, and sometimes hearing and seeing someone explain something is the most effective way to learn difficult contents.

Interactive dialogues and recordings

Listen to native Kiswahili speakings in dialogue and follow along with the text. See the translations of what each person says just by moving your mouse over that text.

Vocabulary flash cards

Test your vocabulary skills, easily hide and show the translation without even clicking. The vocabulary is streamlined into the contents so your learning flows smoothly.

Instant feedback quizzes

Cement the ideas into your mind by using the quiz feature. You will get your results instantly and see where you went wrong. You can try each quiz as many times as you would like.

Fill in the Blanks

Follow along a conversation and drag and drop words to fill in the blanks to help you remember how to properly use various vocabulary in sentences.

Learn about culture

Languages naturally reflect culture in some ways; the same is true for Kiswahili. As you progress, you will learn about important cultural situations, particularly valuable people unfamiliar with Swahili culture.

Track your progress

Kiswahili Online tracks your progress as you go and always gives you a clear overview of how far you have gone, where you are currently, and how well you are doing.

Low bandwidth / mobile version

Your user area and lessons have a mobile version which is also great for using if, for instance, you are in a small village in Tanzania where the internet access is minimal and slow.

Quick support

Paul and Scott are readily available to answer your questions, whether it be about Swahili, or more technical in nature; we are here to help you learn!

Scott Euser & Paul Wabike
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